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Welcome to Phoenix Group Logistics, where excellence is our driving force. We are your trusted partner in the transportation and logistics industry, dedicated to setting the highest standards in trucking services. With a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and safety, we deliver on our promise to move your goods with precision and care. Discover the future of logistics with Phoenix Group today!

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At Phoenix Group Logistics, we’ve been making waves in the transportation and logistics industry since our inception in 2018. Despite being a relatively young player in the field, we’ve rapidly established ourselves as a dependable and sought-after solution for all logistical needs across Canada. Our commitment to excellence and reliability knows no age – we may be younger than many of our competitors, but our experience and dedication are second to none.

Leading the Way

As Professional Truckload Service Providers

Canadian Truckload

As a beacon of Canadian truckload excellence, we offer a vast network of 13 strategic terminals, a well-maintained fleet, and a renowned reputation as a top for-hire carrier.

Cross-Border Truckload

Our commitment to excellence knows no borders. With expertise spanning North America, we specialize in cross-border transport between Ontario, Quebec, and the Eastern U.S.

Specialized Equipment

We have specialised 53′ tandem vans, equipped with state-of-the-art satellite tracking. We go the extra mile, offering retail appointments and expertise in handling dangerous goods.

On-Time Deliveries

We work tirelessly to guarantee that all deliveries are processed and executed promptly, aligning perfectly with our customers' needs and maintaining the uninterrupted flow.

Our Trusted Clientele

Confident Clientele in Our Services

John Donova

“We’ve been partnering with Phoenix Group Logistics for over a decade, and they consistently exceed our expectations. Their dedication to on-time deliveries and impeccable customer service is second to none. They truly are our logistics partner of choice.”

Emily Turner

“I was initially skeptical about outsourcing our logistics, but Phoenix Group Logistics proved me wrong. Their professionalism and safety measures have impressed me from day one. Our shipments have never been in safer hands.”


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Cutting-Edge Land Logistics & Protection

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Explore state-of-the-art land logistics and transportation services that prioritize your protection. We mitigate risks and liabilities, ensuring your goods and operations are in safe hands. Trust our expertise for a secure journey on land.